Non-voice support is a critical aspect of the BPO as most mediums are documented by both the ends. Scope for error is very minimal. But this, doesn’t bother us as we are known for our quality standards and cautious work-style in this domain. We offer these services both in the domestic level and international level:

Live Chat

Compare to email support process, the chat support process is much tougher as it requires spontaneity on the part of customer executive. The executive of call center services may be needed to answer questions of various customers at a time which requires a lot of skill. Normally in such a process, the rate of traffic is higher in the daytime as compared to nighttime traffic.

This type of process requires quick and accurate responses which makes the first impression with the potential customers. Our team is specially trained on this skill to enhance the customer experience


Email Support

Email support involves processing a number of information sought through emails and to send a suitable reply. It is very important to know the drafting skills for an email and to send appropriate information in Email support. Though email support does not involve interacting with a customer through voice, it needs to be resolved within a short time.

Email support can be very effective to gain customer confidence by resolving the issues in a systematic way. It can be very unobtrusive and will not cause any disturbance to a customer while it can sell the main points easily.

Email conversations are crucial and sensitive at the same time. Professional approach is the main key here and we have that!


Data entry
Entering data from one format to another may seem a simple task, but the quality of deliverable will always be something to look out. We possess the talented team who are quick and accurate with their fingers to take up the task!