What do we offer

Customer Support
Service and assistance provided to our client’s customers before, during and after a purchase of the client’s product or service through inbound and outbound multilingual call support. Professional, helpful and high-quality service that guarantees best experience in every interaction in order to meet our customers’ needs and to contribute to the improvement of satisfaction rates.
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Telesales and Telemarketing
Are you looking for company who can help you with maximum sale conversion? We partner with clients to sell the client’s products directly to customers through telephone and marketing client’s products to generate sales lead by generating interest, providing product information and making appointments for sale conversion.
Lead Generation
Our core area has been Lead generation. We are one of the leading Lead Generation Company in Mysore, who connect End Customers looking for services through various sources to appropriate business experts by providing the customer lead to the businesses. With creative thinking and skilled team, we are an experts and experienced in generating quality leads!
Data Sourcing and Verification
Online data sourcing and verification of business details by researching company websites and further verification through direct phone calls to the company. We have mastered the art of verifying the data accuracy through multiple and creative ways. Our team is trained well to tackle any situations and find the way to meet the expectation!
Product Promotion
Any new launch requires a promotion to potential group of customers. We specialize in attracting the customers to know the product!
Event Promotion
Multiple followups and close relation with the client is something which is essential for this type of process and we excel and are skilled in this